School Materials

Presentation Bram Vanderborght (VUB): Designing social robots

Presentation Paul Baxter (Plymouth University): Experimental HRI, a wander through the challenges

Presentation Marcel Heerinck (Hogeschool Windesheim Flevoland): Silicon Friends: a story of empathy, care and magic

Presentation Hui Yu (Portsmouth University): Machine vision for human robot interaction

Presentation David Vernon (University of Skövde): Cognitive architectures

Presentation Selma Šabanović (Indiana University): Constructing culture in social robotics

Presentation Serge Thill (University of Skövde): Cognition & HRI

Presentation Roger Moore (University of Sheffield):  The Uncanny Valley: What it is, Why it matters, & How we might be able to avoid it

More material from the second school will appear here in due course.

Workshop materials

Ono workshop

PDF for NAO Workshop 1 and Choregraphe examples

Nao workshop 2: Get social with Nao

Running HRI experiments: learn how to set up and analyze HRI studies, focus on video coding

Public event

Presentation Bram Vanderborght (VUB): Robots: curse or blessing

Presentation Tony Belpaeme (Plymouth University): Social robotsspearheading the robot revolution

The summer school material of the first HRI Summerschool can be downloaded here; some material is password protected and is available to participants of the 1st Summer School only.

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